【Official Website】 Fujimura Coffee (Owada’s Rest Area)

Eco Town Hachioji in the underground space of Owada
A specialty shop of coffee and bakery opened



Even if I say anything

It is “baked bread”

Bake in the bakery oven every day in the store
You can enjoy authentic bread of particular interest
≪ Spinach feta cheese snack ≫
Mild and rich cheese matches spinach

≪ Tomato Mozzarella Snack ≫
– It is a Danish that encloses tomatoes and European mozzarella cheese.
A slightly scented aroma of basil and topped Gouda cheese complement

≪ Chocolate flake bar ≫
* Crispy cornflakes were wrapped in thick chocolate and it was wrapped in a Danish pastry crisply.

≪ Maple pea can ≫
* The pastry exported most from Denmark. The sweetness which is a maple in brown nuts is an inveterate habit.

≪ Wild blueberry crown ≫
* Wild blueberry made in Canada and a custard Danish pastry.

≪ Apple crown ≫
* Bittersweet apple and custard are outstanding in the chemistry in the Danish pastry which is crisply. Be same with tea and coffee.

* The cereal which is 6 kinds in the Ruth Ticho (rural) croissant with which a whole wheat flour was blended, topping. Fragrance is the feature.

[Sandwich Danish pastry]
≪ Potato sandwich ≫,≪ ham and cheese sandwich ≫,≪ tuna salad sandwich ≫,≪ egg sandwich ≫

I welcome a customer with the rich kind of commitment.

Please use bakery cafe Hujimura Owada spotted coffee once by all means.


Free WiFi also offers it to you in the store.
By all means, please use it as the location of the relaxation comfortable casually.。



Bakery Cafe Owada Fujimura Coffee

Number of seats in the shop: 37 seats (all seats non-smoking)
Open terrace Number of seats: 18 seats (Some smoking seats available) Total 55 seats
Opening hours: 11 am – 5 pm
Closed: Tuesday Wednesday